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Cosmic Celebrations of Collective Consciousness

Themed Events

C4 Productions specializes in creating themed events where attendees are transported to a world outside of the contexts and constrictions of normal society and are encouraged to be themselves, all while being introduced to the latest sounds of local musicians and DJs as well as national artists.  State of the art lighting and video technology along with highly creative stage design are the heart of C4 Productions' events, and set them apart from ordinary shows.  Attendees are encouraged to arrive in costume and play a role in the creation of these Cosmic Celebrations of Collective Consciousness. 

event production

By working with the C4 Productions Event Production Team, new and existing businesses, bands, DJs and other organizations can take their events to the next level.  C4 Productions' experts in event production will make your event idea a reality, and transport your customers, fans, employees, family or friends to another world, allowing you to connect with them in a unique way.  With a large selection of performing artists, bands and DJs to choose from, a wide variety of entertainment can be provided to the client and tailored to the desired genre and/or theme.  The C4 Productions Stage Design Team will work with you to conceptualize, design and build an immersive environment that will transport attendees to a world only limited by imagination.  Configurable lighting and sound packages available to the client are perfect for any sized venue, and can be provided with or without operators/technicians and stage hands.  To get started on your next event, contact C4 Productions here.

event promotion and sponsorship

C4 Productions supports our local concert and event community by partnering with promoters and other organizations looking to produce quality events.  The combined resources of C4 Productions and its partners provide an environment suitable for the creation of experiences that may not otherwise come to be.  C4 Productions has enabled promoters to improve the quality of attendee experience at events such as Warped Horizon, Purplexed Dreams and Purplescent Realities.  Contact C4 Productions here if you'd like C4 to support your event.


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